Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tags and Pockets

Hello!  I hope you are staying warm wherever you are in your part of the world.
We have a very "slim" chance of having some snow.
That doesn't happen very often in my part of the USA.
When it has fallen, it's not usually much, & it doesn't last long; however, it's usually a BIG DEAL.
As you may know, I really enjoy making tags and tag-cards.
Making matching pockets to tuck the tags in, makes the tags extra-special to give out.
In the past, I've enjoyed making tags and pockets to give to others.
(See my Flickr Photostream for a few I've made here, here, here, here, here, here.)
This summer, we made tags and pockets at a class I taught at a scrapbook store.
(See this post.)
The other day, I shared a Tag-Card I made for my husband. 
Today I'm sharing the Tag-Card & Pocket,
and two more tags & pockets I gave at Christmas with cash.

Thank you for stopping by today!
Happy crafting!



Tina said...

Martha, you really are a star of tags and pockets. Love the deep colors and, little bit of pp and embossing.

Barb said...

Oh, I hope you don't get any snow! I know it pretty much stops everything in your neck of the woods. We actually haven't had much here yet this year - hoping it stays that way!

I always love your tag-cards and adding a pocket is so fun! I'll bet everyone loves receiving them from you! Love the ones you shared today, Marth!

Unknown said...

Martha, these are fantastic!! I love the texture you've added to the pockets and the way you highlighted it with just the right amount of inking. The woodgrain on that tag is delish! Beautiful as always, my friend!!

Karen Aicken said...

So sweet Martha - love the texture on the little bags. And the way you used STARS! I never know what to do with stars. :-)
Happy New Year to you,
cheers, Karen

Trinh said...

Beautiful tags, Martha! I'm usually at a loss with tags & you make it look so easy. We've had a few flurries on the north side of San Antonio but nothing is sticking (thank goodness).

Patti said...

I'm soooo inspired by your designs! I am excited to get in my craft room and begin creating! One quick question: On the second "here" link, you referenced a tag with some cute crochet flowers (cut from trim, it sounds like. I have searched the web and am unable to find a replica. Can you tell me where you bought yours at? They could be used in so many fun ways! Just a fun and simple little extra!


Martha said...

This is in response to Patti's question.

Patti, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment. I clicked on your name to leave you a response to your question, but I was unable to find where I could contact you.

You asked about the flower crochet trim. I bought it at Rocky Mountain Memories. I tried to buy more of it for a class I taught there. The store owner contacted the manufacturer and was informed that it is no longer available. I'm so sorry. I hope you are able to find something similar.

Thankfully, I still have some for my own personal use. I bought quite a bit of it when I first bought it.

Again, thanks for stopping by.


Patti said...

Dang it! That is so often the case when I see something cute. I will keep looking. Thank you!

Greta said...

Beautiful work, Martha!

Brenda said...

Your work needs to be published for all to see Martha, that's how beautiful it is my friend! IF, a big if, there is snow, please be sure to post a picture! Sending you lots of love! B xxx